April 4, 2017

Industrial Talks

FRI. 09:00 – 09:25

Industrial Talk: Rohde & Schwarz

Accurate and fast phase noise measurements are a common requirement for the development and test of oscillators and synthesizers used in radar and communication equipment. While medium performance phase noise measurements can be performed with spectrum analyzers, high sensitivity measurements of e.g. modern low phase noise radar oscillators requires the use of a dedicated phase noise test set.
This presentation introduces a new technique that provides state-of-the-art measurement sensitivity using cross correlation. The combination of high performance internal reference signal sources and fast signal processing generates a measurement tool, which shows unique speed and sensitivity for phase noise measurements, including CW and pulsed phase noise, additive phase noise, and AM noise. With external harmonic mixers the frequency range can easily be extended to the range up to 500 GHz. In addition,  the setup enables users to easily characterize VCOs or transient effects like the settling of a synthesizer.


FRI. 10:25 – 10:50

Industrial Talk: Spinner

In this talk we present a novel design of flexible dielectric waveguides that can be employed as multi-purpose connecting lines in test and measurement setups for mm- and sub-mm-wave frequencies. The waveguide design differs from prior art basically in two features: the application of a protective tube composed of standardized segments and the use of strings for supporting and centering the dielectric ribbon waveguide within that tube. Following the proposed design allows building a waveguide that can be bent and twisted simultaneously while exhibiting only small changes in its electrical behavior. Besides the novel design we present experimental results that demonstrate its suitability for various mm-wave test applications.