Thursday, 5th - Poster Session I - Chair : P. Bouysse / co-chair : M. Prigent

G. Batistell, SCPA non-linearity Modelling and Analysis,
M. Bouslama, Novel AlN/GaN HEMT Electrical Model including Trapping Effects,
H.E. Hamoud, A Comparative Overview of Digital Predistortion Behavioral Modeling for Multi-standards Applications,
T.M. Martin-Guerrero, Obtaining quasi-static models by a frequency domain extraction methodology,
K. Mukherjee, Investigation of the trap-limited transient response of GaN HEMTs,
R. Pécheux, C-doped AlN/GaN HEMTs for High efficiency mmW applications ,
A. Piacibello, A Ku-band Compact MMIC PA based on Stacked GaAs pHEMT cells,
M. Salter, An Inter-Laboratory Comparison of NVNA Measurements,
F. Simbelie, Nonlinear electrical modeling of MASMOS structures with a conventional 3-port topology approach,
M.S. Mugisho, Closed-Form Design Equations for Class-E M Power Amplifier with Isolation Circuit


S. Donati Guerrieri, A novel approach to the electro-thermal sensitivity analysis of electron devices through efficient physics-based simulations,
A. Jarndal, Reliable PSO Based Noise Modeling Approach Applied to GaN HEMTs,
C. Kantana, Comparison of GMP and DVR models,
D. Pardo, Development of techniques for the design of a 3.5 THz fundamental balanced Schottky mixer,
B. Pichler, A Robust Extraction Technique for Second Order PHD Based Behavioral Models,
G. Polli, A high-performance C-band integrated front end in AlGaN/GaN technology ,
R. Quaglia, Power and efficiency continuous modes in saturated GaN HEMT devices,
T. reveyrand, Multiport conversions between S, Z, Y, h, ABCD, and T parameters,
L. Pantoli, An Ultra-Wideband Monolitic Active Balun,
H.V. Hunerli, A Methodology for Analysis of mm-Wave Transmitter Linearization Trade-offs Under Spectrum Constraints,

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Guidelines for Poster

The Interactive Forum (IF) presentation(s) at InMMIC2018 will consist of a single, printed summary poster discussing the participant’s research in broad strokes.

This poster will be in the form of a maximum standard A0 (1.189 x 0.841 meter – portrait), which covers the primary motivations, insights, and results of the project. Participants are responsible for preparing, printing, and bringing their poster to their specific IF session. Posters will be on display for the duration of the day session.

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