Conference Location

The conference sessions will occur on the Environmental Department (“Departamento de Ambiente”) auditorium

Instituto de Telecomunicações’s Location

Campus Universitário de Santiago
Instituto de Telecomunicações

Tel: +351 234 377 900

Getting to Aveiro

The city of Aveiro is located about 60Km south of OPorto and 260Km north Lisbon. It can be easily reached by train via the ‘north line’ or by car via the ‘high-way A1

About Instituto de Telecomunicações

Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) has been recognized one of the foremost research institution of Portugal. IT has the mission of create and disseminate new knowledge and support advanced training in the broad field of the Technologies of Information, Communications and Electronics (TICE), with a special emphasis on Telecommunications.
IT is actively involved in fundamental and applied research both at national and international levels. IT also plays its role towards public society with public awareness initiatives, knowledge transfer to industry, and by providing consulting services on a non-competing basis.

Scientific expertise in IT, from which follow its main research and education activities, spans the Thematic Lines:

  • Wireless Technologies
  • Optics and Phtonics
  • Information and Data Science
  • Networks and Services
  • Basic Sciences and Enabling Technologies

[more about the Instituto of Telecomunicações]

About Universidade de Aveiro

The University of Aveiro (UA) was founded in 1973 and paved the way in the creation of teaching offers in several knowledge fields. Today, UA is widely recognised as one of the most innovative universities in Portugal, the quality of its teaching and research and for its cooperation with regional and national business. With a modern and prestigious architecture, UA occupies top positions in the most important international rankings that assess Higher Education institutions.

The University of Aveiro (UA) is currently attended by about 13,600 undergraduate students and 3,800 post-graduate students, distributed among 58 graduate, 40 Masters of Science and 25 PhD programs, distributed by departments and autonomous sections, with specialized faculties.

[read more about UA]

About Aveiro

Aveiro has a unique natural and urban landscape, dominated by the “Ria de Aveiro” (estuary) and the water arms that penetrate the urban space and which have permanently marked the history, heritage, culture and local identity. It is known as the “Venice of Portugal”.
On board one of the typical boats, where the “Moliceiro” boat stands out, take the opportunity to discover the city through the canals and their salt flats that, at sunset, turn from silver to gold with the reflection of the sun’s rays.

At 7km from Aveiro there are also the delightful beach resorts, such as “Costa Nova”, which is famed for its striped beach houses, and “Barra”, which has the second largest lighthouse in Europe.
If it is almost lunch time, you can try a “Caldeirada de Enguias” (eel stew), or a “Carneiro à Lampantana” (lampantana lamb), or “Bacalhau à Lagareiro” (grilled codfish), or “Leitão à bairrada” (suckling pig). Or, you can get swept away by our regional pastries, in which eggs and sugar are magical, and let ovos moles conquer your taste as if they were little pieces of sweet gold.
[For more information, visit the website of Portugal Tourist Office, or Center of Portugal Tourist Office, or Ílhavo Tourist Office ]

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