Guidelines for the Oral Presentation

Each oral session will run for 20 minutes in total. The presentation will be 15-17 minutes, followed by 3-5 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

A PC will be available at the conference venue for speakers’ use during their presentations. Speakers need to bring their presentations in a USB to upload them to the venue PC at least 10 minutes before the session in which they are presenting.

The following PPT template can be used for oral presentations:

Please save your presentation using the format INMMiC2023_<Session>_<lastname>.pptx

Please prepare your presentation in the format 16:9 landscape.

Supported file types are “.ppt” and “.pdf.”

Presenters are asked to verify that that all necessary presentation materials are in place and tested in their presentation venue, well before the session begins. Presenters are requested to find an opportunity in advance of the presentation to familiarize themselves with the venue and podium environment. The Conference’s Organizing Teams members will be available to help throughout the conference.

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