More information regarding the social events will be added to the website very soon.

The INMMiC 2023 will have four social events:

On November 8th (Wednesday) evening, there will be an activity for all young professionals with drinks and appetizers. It is an excellent opportunity to socialize and create connections. Naturally, all attendees are invited to participate!!

On November 9th (Thursday), all attendees are invited to a tour in a Moliceiro boat in the Aveiro channels during the afternoon after the technical meetings.

After the tour, we will have the conference’s Gala dinner at Aliança Underground Museum.

We will grant the transportation (close to the date, we will indicate the pick-up point).

On November 11th (Saturday), we are organizing a tour at Porto City. A pre-registration will be required for this one.

The idea is to go from Aveiro to Porto city by bus (about 1h trip).

During the morning, we will start by doing an amazing cruise in the Douro River (about 50 min), where we will sail to visit the six bridges of Porto City, where the D. Luís I Bridge being the most famous one.

Then, we will visit one of the most iconic cellars, where we can taste the famous port wine.

Then, we will lunch near the river.

Finally, in the afternoon, we will have a panoramic visit to Porto City.

Then, we will return to Aveiro by Bus. Please note that the people who want to leave Portugal on Saturday, can go directly from Porto to the Airport (less than 30 min). This can be done by uber or by subway (purple line). Their belongs can be left in the bus.

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